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JBL's Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers provide excellent performance for paging and background music applications. High sensitivity across the product line provides maximum sound level, even at low tap settings.

The 8128 is a 8-inch, full-range, cost-effective loudspeaker for commercial applications. It features high-fidelity performance in an easy to install package. The system’s high sensitivity drivers deliver maximum sound levels using minimal amplifier power. With its contemporary grill design, 70V/100V taps and an open-back design, the 8100 series brings elegance and performance to basic commercial sound systems, or any application not requiring a back can for installation.

  • - 1Clear, High-Fidelity Performance
  • - 11Dog-ears for easy Blind Mount Installations
  • -  High Sensitivity (97 db, 1W, 1m) for Maximum Power Efficiency
  • - 6W Transformer for use of 70V / 100V Distributed Lines
  • - C-Ring (MTC-8128C) and tile rails (MTC-Rail) optional

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